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Voyage of the Dream Maker

Voyage of the Dream Maker is available at:



With our debut album, an epic fantasy world comes to life. With soaring and epic melodies worthy of the big screen, Hannifin Records attempts to reestablish the orchestral soundtrack as music’s most powerful medium. Whether you’d like to fly with dragons over mountains and valleys, waltz through castles you can only see in dreams, or relax to the sound of a secret lullaby, the magic of a symphony orchestra will make it possible.

When you join the dream maker on his magical voyages across the kingdoms, you may never want to go home again.

It’s not just an album, it’s a journey.

Preview tracks:

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Track listing:

  1. Across the Kingdom – 5:05 (hear it on YouTube)
  2. I Will Not Go Home Again – 2:16
  3. Voyage of the Dream Maker – 6:37 (hear it on YouTube)
  4. The Secret Lullaby – 4:05 (hear it on YouTube)
  5. Awaken – 1:32
  6. White Castle Waltz - 5:45
  7. The Dragon King – 5:42
  8. On the Edge of a Dream – 5:32 (hear it on YouTube)
  9. Clockwork – 2:15
  10. Seeing Infinity – 6:58
  11. Castle Sky – 13:08
  12. A New Journey Begins – 4:50


Cover art by Nicholas Cloister

Sample libraries used: